Bologna, LIPE

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Time Table

In Bologna is 0:35 and these are next 5 movements of the day. Show all »
Type From / To Airline Flight Time Aircraft
Arrival CATANIA FEMAR CNB2001 01:05 B737/200F
Arrival ROMA FIUMICINO FEMAR CNB2001 01:05 B737/200F
Arrival ALGHERO FEMAR CNB3501 01:15 Antonov 26
Arrival ROMA FIUMICINO FEMAR CNB3501 01:15 Antonov 26
Departure CATANIA FEMAR CNB2002 02:05 B737/200F


The reported timetable is not the real time table
To be informed of modifications like delays, cancelled flights, scheduled changes, please visit the following pages, of the official Bologna Airport:


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UR-CNE Boeing 737-500 Bravo Airways
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Bologna on DVD

Bologna in DVD

World Air Routes devotes a DVD to Blue Panorama.

Among the airports of arrival and departure, there is also Bologna.

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